MSS is a self-governing institution with the goal of offering a diverse range of study services to companies, institutions, educational institutions, and the public by coordinating the supply of continuing and re-education, with an increased connection between business and school.

The Founders of MSS are:

  • Contact between local authorities in Suðurnes
  • Reykjanesbær
  • Suðurnes Multicultural School
  • Keflavík Labor and Seaman’s Assocation and Neighbor
  • Suðurnesjafélag Suðurnesja
  • Merchant Association of Suðurnes
  • Suðurnesja Electrical Company
  • Suðurnesja Engineers Association
  • Suðurnesja Fishing Company Association
  • Suðurnesja Employer’s Association
  • Suðurnesja Trading Company
  • Suðurnesja Heat Utility