Who is the Collaborative Rehabilitation for?

Participation in job rehabilitation is suitable for people who:
  • are not in the labor market due to illness, accident or social difficulties but is working on a return to the labor market
  • is on the limb in the labor market or has lost a job
  • wants to systematically work to change its position and re-enter the labor market or further studies

Active Vocational Rehabilitation Fund

Collaborative rehabilitation has a service agreement with the VIRK Rehabilitation Fund, which is the only vocational rehabilitation fund in the country and is governed by Act no. 60/2012. In order to qualify for the VIRK Vocational Rehabilitation Fund, people must have a health certificate certified by a physician and have a referral from a physician. When a referral is made to Collaboration, the individual is invited to an interview with Collaboration counselors, which begins an intake process and a rehabilitation plan prepared by a counselor and the participant jointly.

Other organizations

Other organizations may enter into an agreement with Collaborative Job Rehabilitation, such as the Directorate of Labor and the social services of local authorities. People who consider themselves in need of vocational rehabilitation but do not have a defined health issue are advised to turn to their service provider that is in contact with, for example, with Labor and Social Services and local authorities.