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Customer Comments

We at Skólamatur ehf. always start the school year with a week of education, but then all staff attend a series of courses that are directly or indirectly related to work. The educational week has been held for 7 years and has been developed in close cooperation and collaboration with MSS from the beginning. The success of this job has been great, especially in terms of professional practices and job satisfaction. MSS staff have provided professional advice on course selection and prepared the educational week in close collaboration with the directors of Skólamatur. The cooperation has always been excellent, professional, positive, and constructive.

Fanný Axelsdóttir

Learning that answers the need

As most people know, Vísi has undergone major changes this year. The company has been combining four fish processing operations into two, both in Grindavík. In one house is a salt fish plant, where both salted and flat fish are processed, while in the other is fresh fish, frozen and lightly salted. Except for two flattening machines in the salt processing, all other equipment is Icelandic. In other words, the ingenuity, design, and manufacturing of the devices in these high-tech houses is all Icelandic. We are extremely proud of that fact.

Those who have not recently gone through modern fish processing will no doubt be amazed at the technology used today. It is obvious that in order to work with this Icelandic technology and to keep the devices up, well-educated people are needed, and lifelong learning is necessary and in the rapid development that is taking place there.

Vísi’s cooperation with MSS is exemplary and has proven itself thoroughly about this aspect. Also, the fact that our large group of good staff has a different native language than Icelandic is and therefore it is necessary to ensure that the expressions of people in between are safe as possible. This is where MSS has courses of various types, such as courses in expression and self-reinforcement, as well as traditional Icelandic courses. In addition, MSS has held health cookery courses in the workplace. In this short list, the basic and postgraduate courses in the fish processing itself must also not be forgotten. Of these courses, people always come back as a better and happier workforce.

The above shows how well the work of MSS is. Vísi’s experience of working with the center is very good and it is comforting to be able to look for the experience that is there when undertaking challenging projects such as what is currently being done with us.

Finally, I thank the MSS staff for their excellent cooperation over the years and hope that it will continue to flourish in the future.

Managing Director of Vísi hf.
Ágústa Óskarsdóttir

MSS has assisted twice in the planning and management of Grindavík Town Staff Day. There, all the town’s employees come together and discuss the planning of the town’s activities and other projects with a national meeting arrangement. In addition, MSS has assisted Grindavík in preparing a continuous and continuing education plan for the town’s employees. MSS staff is extremely service-minded and qualified. Our partnership with them has yielded great benefits to Grindavík.

Róbert Ragnarsson

Corporate Service

MSS Corporate Division offers courses and consultancy for companies and organizations. Among the things we can offer are needs analysis, preparation of educational plans, short concise lectures, short or long courses and teamwork among the staff.

MSS offers a wide range of services and we aim to adapt the service to the needs of each company.

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