Rules on tuition fees
 - from 1 January 2019.

Miðstöð símmentunar á Suðurnesjum has set the following policy for collecting tuition fees and responding to unpaid tuition fees.

Payment options:

  • Tuition fees must be paid before studies commence and registration is not considered valid until payment has been completed.
  • You can select the following payment methods: Credit card, debit card, homepage payment card of account with another payer (e.g. company).
    • Collection fees for tuition fees are created in an online banc and accounts are sent to the person’s address when he has been paid.
    • Payment will be debited from the card at the beginning of course unless otherwise stated.
  • It is possible to pay for the course at the MSS office by cash or by card.
  • If tuition fees are to be negotiated, such as switching payments, contact Eydís Eyjólfsdóttir at 421-7500 / 
  • The tuition fee must be paid in full or negotiated for payment before the final payment date.

Unpaid tuition fees:

  • If tuition fees are unpaid or no payment has been made within two weeks of the deadline access to the teaching system is suspended of the person is no longer considered a participant in the program.
  • Please note that tuition fees cannot be waived or reimbursed after enrollment, but if they need to be suspended, tuition fees can be charged for one semester.

Take notice that unions provide study grants, and for those who have the right to receive a large portion of tuition fees.

For further information, please contact Eydís Eyjólfsdóttir at 421-7500 -