MSS Privacy Act

MSS works with personally identifiable data on students and their advisors. MSS staff maintain the utmost confidentiality and there are provisions on privacy, confidentiality and confidentiality in the employment contracts of staff and contractors. Compliance with the Privacy Act as well as the Code of Professional Conduct of MSS staff are being complied with.

The data is stored in the Trust's trusted information systems and in some cases in locked archives. MSS places great emphasis on ensuring, in a variety of ways, confidentiality, reliability and the secure and responsible handling of information and endeavors to comply in all respects with the applicable privacy laws. This policy is based on Act no. 90/2018 on privacy and processing of personal information.


Data handled by the school

This is personal identifiable data for students, staff and contractors.


Authorization, permits, approvals and processing are in progress

MSS only stores and processes the data that is necessary for the operation and may be processed

By law, agreements with partners or informed individuals.


Use of data and role

Data and information that MSS collects and stores is used only for the purpose of performing their role. MSS will never distribute personal information to other parties without authorization.


Procedures and access to data

All data is protected so that only those who have access to the data can access it.


Backup of data and security

All data in the school’s information systems are copied to ensure they are always present. Copies are encoded and used only if basic data is lost or damaged.


The rights of individuals to process information and access their own personal information.

The school provides access to information to the persons concerned and who so wish.

The school respects the above-mentioned rights of individuals under the Privacy Act.


Privacy Matters

A privacy officer has been appointed who, among other things, accepts privacy requests or suggestions. You can contact the MSS privacy representative at 421-7500.

June 5, 2019

MSS Director and Privacy Officer