Real Skills Assessment

Real Skills Assessment is a process in which knowledge and skills are assessed in such a field, such as work experience, study or social work experience.

Skills verification is issued at the end of the process.



  • To be able to shorten the study in continuation after evaluation

  • Demonstrate experience and skills, e.g. current job or job application

  • To assess how an individual can strengthen themselves in education or work.

After the evaluation, you can decide that:

  • Finish what is needed to complete your studies
  • Use the evaluation as a springboard for another study
  • Take advantage of the assessment to see where you are

Here you can watch a promotional video on Real Assessment Skills

For what is a Real Assessment Skills?

Do you have a lot of work experience, at 23 years of age and at least three years of work? Then the Real Skills Assessment might be for you.

MSS has offered real skills assessments in the following professions:

Fish Technician in collaboration with the Icelandic Fisheries Technology College

The real skills assessment in Fisheries Technology is an assessment of your skills and knowledge in fisheries. Your experience is assessed in conversation and it is assessed as equivalent stages in the program.

Trade Representative
For those who have experience in shopping and service.

MSS provides information and assists individuals with real-world skills assessment in all industries.
The evaluation is carried out in collaboration with the Ida Education Center and the various projects are different. Interested parties re encourages to familiarize themselves with the matter and contact the MSS Study and Career Counselor.

Further information on the real assessment skills are provided by the MSS Study and Career Counselor:

Steinunn Björk Jónatansdóttir í síma 412 5940 /
Inga Sif Ingimundardóttir í síma 412-5958 /