Front Desk Professional Training

Front Desk Professional Training

This course is for hotel receptionists, and other staff at the front desk. Our mission with the course is to:

  • Give clear guidelines for presenting a professional image
  • Suggest tactics for communicating with ease over telephone, email and in person.
  • Offer guidance for dealing with surprises that occur at the front desk


Phone is ringing, new e-mails showing up, coworkers are asking questions and here comes a customer. How does the person manning the front desk handle several people simultaneously with professionalism and poise? This fast-paced course is specifically designed to answer this and other important questions for those who work as an first-impression representative.



First lesson - 07.05.2019

  • Components of a professional image at the front desk.
  • Personal action plan to improve both image and customer service skills.

There are a few things that every customer is looking for. Everywhere we go, although we notice excellent service, we are more aware of bad service. We enjoy being treated well by people. In this 3 hour workshop, the foundation of good service will be introduced.  Most people don‘t realise that when we appreciate the service we get, it is usually about 6 things.  We will see how body language and appearence can enhance or diminish credibility. Posture, arm placement, hand gestures, and facial features speak volumes, even when people are silent –how to interpret body language in ourself and others.

Second lesson - 14.05.2019

  • Managing telephone, e-mail and face-to-face communication with clarity, accuracy and courtesy.
  • Improving English skills.

As important as it is to project professionalism in person, it is just as important to do so over a phone or e-mail. We will find out ways to put callers on hold politely, learn strategies for taking a messages quickly and accurately and nicly ending calles with overly talkative callers. We will also teach you and give you fixed patterns in a professional English to answer e-mails, to greet customer and talk on the phone with confidence.


Third lesson - 21.05.2019

  • Behavioral styles and cultural differences.
  • Interruptions caused by visitors and coworkers – how to minimize it in a tactful but determined way.
  • Difficult customer, situation or language barriers – case study.


The mark of true professionalism in front-desk representatives is their ability to deal effectively with problematic visitors without losing patience or dignity. Remaining professional with those who don‘treturn the courtesy requires special skill and remarkable self-control. At this point in the program, we will explore tactful, polite, and safe ways for handling visitors who have no appointment, those who are angry and impatient.


By the conclusion of this interactive program, participants should have a better grasp of skills and behavior which will help runnig a friendly, efficient and safe front desk.

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Timing: 13:00 – 16:00
Place: Krossmói 4a - 260 Reykjanesbæ
Price: 36.000

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