Menntastoðir International

International Menntastoðir, distance learning.

Do you want to enter a university program in Iceland but haven´t finished college or secondary school education, or does your dream job require a college degree?

MSS offers Preperation course called International Menntastoðir. The course is equivalent to the first year of upper secondary education. Graduating from the course gives access to a preparation course for Preliminary Studies for university education at Keilir and can be evaluated as part of academic courses in vocational studies. This program builds on the success of the Icelandic version of the Menntastoðir which MSS has been offering since 2009.

The format of the education is distance learning, it takes about ten months and can be evaluated as 55 units. The course is mostly taught online through distance learning but on-site sessions are scheduled once every six weeks or so. International Menntastoðir are scheduled periodically where one subject is taught at a time.
The final aim of Menntastoðir is to develop students academic skills for further education, strengthen skills in English and Icelandic language, increase employability opportunities and to make sure students fulfill the aims of level two education.

In Menntastoðir students will:

  • get to know different ways of learning
  • develope a positive attitude towards further education
  • increase their confindence and skills in communicating with others
  • be able to work independently and systematically on projects
  • have the ability to gather and share information in different ways


  • Icelandic
  • Math
  • English
  • Information technology
  • Study techniques
  • Danish
  • Final project

Evaluation: Projects, final exams and active participation.

Scholarship for tuition fees: Employees have the possibility to apply for scholarship for tuition fees at their union providing their rights allow it. Please contact your union for more information.

More information
For more information please contact Áslaug Bára, tel. 412-5952/421-7500 or


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