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The program focuses on building communication skills, strengthening self-confidence and training participants to work in various environments and to continue their studies.

Participants work systematically on their own skills development through goal setting, training in communication and expression, increased financial literacy, organized for seeking information and increased ability to participate in studies and work. The aim of the study is to increase their work competence and make them more aware of their own strengths.

The program is intended for those who have dropped out of school and/ or are unemployed. Its purpose is to mobilize them for participation in the labor market or to continue their studies, to make it easier for them to take on tasks entrusted to them in the workplace or by an educational institution, and thus promote a positive attitude towards the labor market and further studies.



  • Goal setting and self-empowerment
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Work environment and workplaces
  • On-the-job training in the workplace


Learning Outcomes

By the end of the program, participants have:

  • learned the main ways of obtaining information about studies and jobs.
  • become familiar with practical methods in communication and collaboration.
  • become familiar with work environments, rules and work processes in a workplace.
  • learned methods for achieving set goals.
  • participated in constructive communication.
  • set personal goals that apply for private life and work.
  • learned how to work independently according to the workplace culture.
  • learned how to work in accordance with safety, hygiene, and quality requirements.
  • demonstrated faith in their own abilities.
  • shown a positive attitude towards work and further study.
  • practiced good work habits in accordance with workplace policy.
  • solved common tasks in the workplace satisfactorily.
  • communicated effectively with colleagues and customers.

Program Structure

The curriculum is 180 hours and divided into 4 components. The program consists of theoretical and practical components. Connections with workplaces are important to train procedures and strengthen connections with the workforce. Teaching takes place every working day from 08:30 -12:30.



The instructor evaluates results and academic progress using a variety of assessment methods, and without using traditional exams.

Further information 

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Prices for study programs are published subject to change.

Verð: 68.000
Tímabil: 25. janúar - 19. mars

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