Færni í ferðaþjónustu I / Skills in Tourism I

Skills in Tourism I is intended for employees in the tourism industry or those who aim to work in the industry. The program emphasizes the importance of providing quality services and increases knowledge of important issues in this regard.



The program is intended to strengthen personal, professional, and general skills to provide quality services and deal with a variety of challenges in tourism. This involves strengthening a positive attitude towards the job, towards one's own skills and towards the profession. At the end of the program, participants will be better prepared to take on more complex tasks, and more independent in their work.



  • The value of tourism
  • Service
  • Work ethics and the employee’s role
  • Various service requirements
  • Quality service and communication
  • Developing oneself at work
  • Processes in the workplace
  • Knowing community and place



There are no final exams. Emphasis is placed on assignments, 80% attendance and active participation.


Program Structure

Teaching takes place in the premises of MSS' every working day from January 25 to February 12 at 09:00 - 12:00.

The Skills in Tourism I program is assessed by the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture for up to 5 credits of shortening upper secondary school studies.

Further information:

Sveindís - sveindis@mss.is

Áslaug Bára - aslaug@mss.is 

Phone 421 - 7500

Scholarships for tuition fees

It is possible to apply for course fees grants to trade union education funds.

Verð: 15.000
Tímabil: 25. janúar - 12. febrúar

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Færni í ferðaþjónustu I / Skills in Tourism I