Stronger Workforce

The program is intended for adults in the labor market with the skills needed to handle all subjects of the program.

The purpose of the study is to strengthen the knowledge and increase the skills of those who work or intend to work in general office work and increase their skills in information technology. The goal is for students to gain increased knowledge and skills to deal with
rapid changes in conjunction with the fourth industrial revolution in the economy.

The participant must be able to apply the general knowledge and skills to:

  • Engage in successful collaboration and communication with various individuals in different situations.
  • Set policies and goals for your own career development, lifelong learning and health promotion.
  • Work in an online environment responsibly.
  • Respect and promote environmental protection, democracy and human rights in the workplace.
  • Solve a variety of tasks with creative and critical thinking.
  • Present ideas, show initiative and apply result orientation.
  • Use computers and smart applications for their own benefit and communicate electronically.
  • Work with a variety of data responsibly with respect to privacy and copyright.
  • Select and evaluate applications and network environments appropriate for each subject.
  • Draw a line between work and private life and identify stressors.
  • Practice work skills in an ever-changing work environment.

The course lasts a total of 160 hours and consists of the following courses:

  • Self-empowerment and career development
  • Environment and culture
  • Solution focus and creative approach
  • Information technology
  • Presentation of information
  • Strong teamwork

Academic achievement is assessed on the basis of the participant's knowledge, skills and competence using a variety of assessment methods. Emphasis is placed on the instructor and participatants reviewing progress as often as possible. Assessment is intended to be useful as confirmation of academic achievement and learning, encouragement and feedback during the study period.

For further information, please contact:

Hrannar -

Linda -

Phone: 421-7500

* Published subject to change

* The study program starts when the minimum participation has been reached

Verð: 45.000
Tímabil: 25. ágúst - 10. október

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Stronger Workforce