Chat GPT - Polish

AI in everyday life and social media. The course will include both a theoretical introduction and practical exercises so that participants can directly apply what they learn in their everyday lives and on social media platforms.

Additionally, we will avoid relying on paid platforms throughout the course to make it accessible to as many people as possible.

Day 1: Introduction to Chat GPT and its applications

- Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and GPT Chat.

- Discuss the various uses of Chat GPT in everyday life and business.

- Practical examples of using Chat GPT.

- Practical exercises with Chat GPT: how to use the different features and options.

- Examples of creating simple tasks using Chat GPT.

Day 2: Communicating with Chat GPT

- Rules for effective communication with Chat GPT.

- Understanding natural language and its limitations.

- How to formulate clear questions and get answers from Chat GPT.

- Practical exercises: conversations with Chat GPT on various topics.

- Discussion of the most common mistakes and how to avoid them when using Chat GPT.

Day 3: GPT Chat in everyday life

- Use of Chat GPT in writing emails, letters and other texts.

- Create simple documents using Chat GPT.

- Practical exercises: creating letters, invitations and other texts using Chat GPT.

- Discussion of ethical issues related to the use of artificial intelligence in communication.

Day 4: Social Media and GPT Chat

- The role of Chat GPT in your marketing strategy on social media platforms.

- Create content and posts using Chat GPT.

- Practical exercises: creating content for various social media platforms.

- Discussing strategies for using Chat GPT to build engagement and reach.

Day 5: Privacy protection and development of Chat GP

- Personal data protection in the context of using Chat GPT.

- Safe practices for using Chat GPT in everyday life.

- The future of Chat GPT: new features and possibilities.

- Continue to develop your GPT Chat skills after completing the course.

The course is thought in Polish

Time:The classes will be from 19:00 - 21:00

Dates: 22.05. - 23.05. - 27.05. - 29.05. - 30.05.

Verð: 35.000
Tímabil: 22. maí - 30. maí

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Chat GPT - Polish