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The course is designed for beginners in learning Icelandic with an emphasis on vocabulary related to Icelandic labour market. The students will acquire skills in working according to the work procedures and follow the process, work rules and ethics of workplaces. The course will also focus on self-empowerment and communication in everyday life and work, and practical information regarding the labour market.


The goals for the students are:

·        acquire basic skills in Icelandic

·        learn to read a payslip

·        get to know the activities of unions

·        know the rights and obligations in the labour market

·        be introduced to social insurance and pension funds

·        acquire positive and effective communication skills

·        and more.



80% attendance required and active participation.

It is taught according to curriculum from Fræðslumiðstöðvar atvinnulífsins (The Education and Training Service Center).



The course is four days a week from 09:00 – 12:00 in MSS. 



25.000 kr.

You can apply for grants for school fees to the education fund of Unions and/or the Unemployment office.


The price and schedule of the study programs are published subject to change


Time period:

2. – 27.September 2024

For further information:

Diana, Kristín og Hófý tel. 421-7500 or in email courses@mss.is

Verð: 25.000
Tímabil: 2. september - 27. september

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Íslenska og atvinnulífið - Enskur hópur